Who is the Urban Warrior Princess ?


Róisín ‘Xena’ Pitman is a retired police officer who now works in the security industry.

‘Xena’ is a nationally accredited security industry educator and an Elite instructor within Elite Group International. She is employed locally by Talis Risk Management Solutions Ltd. to teach courses on a number of security subjects, such as Conflict Management, Physical Intervention in the Security Industry, Control & Restraint, Handcuffing (and other mechanical restraints), Self Defence and Door Security Supervisor.

‘Xena’ can be regularly found at pubs, clubs and at festivals, working actively as a Door Security Supervisor.

‘Xena’ has been a martial artist for over forty years, an internationally recognised and much sought after Aikido instructor for thirty seven years (6th Dan and Level 6 Instructor under Shioda Yasuhisa’s ‘Shioda International Aikido Federation’, Japan and 4th Dan under Soke Francis Ramasamy, Mushinkan Malaysia). She is a specialist in self protection and awareness for women and vulnerable adults including those with disabilities. She also teaches physical intervention and control and restraint to security and law enforcement personnel.

‘Xena’ is currently in her second level of study towards a BA (Hons) degree in Criminology and Psychology with The Open University.

‘Xena’ is the promoter and educator of common sense approaches to personal safety and security for all.

In this blog, ‘Xena’ will give her own unique take on personal safety and security as well as sharing her insight into a number of topics that touch the whole of society.

No topic, however controversial, is out of bounds.